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Benefit from the



Our entire knowhow for your interiors.

Studio Tonic unites production engineers and designers within one team to create elegant and unique shop interiors. Thanks to our experience, we are familiar with a multitude of refined materials. We know their possible uses, but also the limits of their applicability.



Listening, enquiring, discussing, suggesting alternatives, implementing: this is what consulting means to us. But most importantly, a personal relationship ensures that customer and consultant meet at eye level. Effective consulting depends on know-how and experience that cover all specialized areas of a project. With this versatility and communication with our customers, we create interiors that bear their signature.

Concept & Design

A shop is no longer just a salesroom, but a meeting place, a well-being zone, and an entertainment area – although the emphasis is on business still. Studio Tonic’s purpose is to reconcile both requirements. This calls for high practicality in a stylish and uniquely designed ambience. That is what our planners and product engineers do.

Implementation planning

Shop interiors must be both attractive in design and functional as sales instruments. An intelligent layout and a refined composition are requirements that complement each other. Our experienced production engineers and designers work together closely to merge good taste and creativity with in-depth knowledge of materials and their practical use.


Project Management

Circumspection, swiftness and anticipation to meet the target, keeping control of timeline and budget: good project managers have a deep insight into the work of the experts involved. They know how to make the best use of all available resources through meticulous planning, clear processes and circumspect project management.